Cooking class

"Cooking Class" bring you how to make some of these local delicacies so you can experience the flavours and tastes of Vietnamese cuisine. Our chefs will instruct you to prepare the signature dishes. Hope you have fun and some interesting recipes to take home with.


Tour recommend

Other activities


Discovery of Mekong Delta with cycling on its tranquil winding lanes and crossing canals.


Let felling buoyancy in the Mekong river and observe the floating life style of local people. 


To help you truly unwind, our serene spa offers traditional massage, providing the perfect treat after a day of intrepid exploration. 

Local Market

Do you want to enjoy the hectic feeling when entering a local market? For a long time, Cai Be Local Market has been known as the trading center located next to Tien River so don’t overlook an essential part- markets. 

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